Cody Travers is a character in the Final Fight series and the Street Fighter series. He is a resident and jailmate in the fictional Metro City. He is a friend of both Haggar and Guy.

Final Fight seriesEdit

Final FightEdit

He is one of the three playable characters. In the story, after Haggar becomes Metro City's mayor, the Mad Gear gang, a criminal organization controlling most of the crime in said city takes immediate action. They kidnap Haggar's daughter, Jessica (who is at the time Cody's girlfriend), and ask him to negotiate like the previous mayor. Haggar says no and asks Guy and Cody to help him.

Final Fight 2Edit

After the first game, Cody is framed for crimes commited by Poison (an enemy in the first game), and arrested not only for that, but his life of street fighting. Somewhere around that time, he breaks up with Jessica for his jail life and her decision to go to Europe for studying.

Street Fighter seriesEdit

In the series, he gets changes:

  • His scruff is shaved off.
  • His hair is now blond.
  • He now wears a blue and white jail uniform, and handcuffs (though he can easily take them off).

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