Guy is a character in the Final Fight series and the Street Fighter series. He is a Japanese-American ninja who is trained in a fictional style of Ninjutsu, Bushinryu Ninpo. He is also the 39th Grandmaster of that style. He has a fiance, Rena, who is the daughter of Genryusai, the 37th. His predecessor is Zeku.

Final Fight seriesEdit

Final FightEdit

Ffight-arc guy stand copy

Guy's old appearance.

Guy is depicted as a young ninja. He has the same throw as Cody but his combo (Bushin Gokusa Ken, as called in SF) is faster, though it has a terrible startup.

Street Fighter seriesEdit


Guy's new appearance and slightly different stance.

Guy, Cody, Sodom, Maki, Rolento, and Edi E. (cameo only) became playable in the Street Fighter series starting with Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold. So far, Guy and Cody are the only one who have been included in any recent SF titles.

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