Mike Haggar is a character in the Final Fight series. He can be considered the main protagonist due to him appearing in more FF games than any of the others. He has a daughter, Jessica, who was kidnapped in the first game.


Final FightEdit

In the original, after his mayoral election, his daughter, Jessica, was kidnapped by Mad Gear so that he would listen to their demands. Not looking to negotiate, he gets Jessica's boyfriend, Cody Travers, and his training partner and friend, Guy, to help him. In the end, the trio takes down Mad Gear and rescues Jessica.

Final Fight 2Edit

This time, Guy's fiance, Rena, and Genryusai (the current Grandmaster of Guy's style of Ninjutsu at that time) are kidnapped. However, Guy is in Japan for further training, and Cody is arrested for crimes committed by an enemy in the original, Poison. He finds new allies: Maki Genryusai, a fellow student of Guy, sister of Rena, and daughter of Genryusai, and Carlos Miyamoto, a South-American swordsman.


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